Wapiti Bowmen
Port Angeles, WA
What's new on this website
No one wants to search through a club website to see what is new. If you have been to the website, you have seen it and only go there for specific information or for new information.

The menu should provide a guide for specific information.

This page will provide a list of new items for the month. I will try to update the website after each club meeting and list what is new on this page.

If you want to contribute to the website - photos or text - or if you have any questions or input about the website, please contact me via email. If you see any errors, misspellings, etc., please let me know.

If you have questions about the club, please contact one of the officers that are listed on the "Contact" page.

John Herschelman

New Items after the November Meeting
(1) The website was upgraded to include a "What's New" page.

(2) Dates for Tournaments were added - see "Calendar" and "Events" pages

(3) Steve Morgan is temporarily taking over as range master until Micah can return

(4) Cookie shared her deer harvest. See "Hunting Photos" under "Photos"

New Items after the October Meeting
(1) Gene Lamb was voted in as Range Master. Gene please send me your contact information so that I can add it to the website.

(2) Minutes of last month's meeting are attached to this link as a pdf file.

(3) There was a question about the photos on the website not expanding. The photos on this website are static. What you see is what you get. Les suggested there might be a way to expand these and he is looking into whether or not this is possible.

(4) A new 4H photo was posted under Club News / Community Support / 4-H